Saturday, 15 October 2011

Jurassic Park

Bałtów is a small town in the South of Poland. It is famous for its Jurassic Park.

The JuraPark in Bałtów is a member of a network of European Dinosaur Parks. The network includes 15 parks in Europe (4 are located in Poland) that were created in places where traces of dinosaurs were found.

I've seen there many interresting dinosaurs, including a family of Triceratops. Even the young ones have some frightening hornes.

The Quetzalcoatlus  looks like a flying dragon. Luckily it does not breath fire.

 Last but no least I paid my tribute to the King.

I was not afraid of him at all. To be honest, the only frightening thing were the people trying to catch a mammoth. Who knows, if they do not get him maybe they will have a second look at the horse?

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