Sunday, 9 October 2011


Poland is a country that exists for over thousand years. Historically, it was created through a merger of 2 tribal states of Polanie ('people leaving in the fields) and Wiślanie ('people living close to the Vistula river'). Wiślica was the presumed capital of the country of Wiślanie.

Wiślica is best known for its collegiate church erected in 1350.

Let's enter by the side porch.

It is the oldest and biggest Polish church with 2 naves.

I liked best the stained glass-work. The walls are covered with religious paintings.

Next to the church you will find the house of a famous Polish historian Jan Długosz. He has written clonicles of the Polish state that are still a point of reference for those who study Polish history. He was also a personal tutor for the sons of the Poish King Casimir IV.

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