Saturday, 27 February 2016


Today we will visit a place that is a geological wonder - a mofeta. The one that I will take you to was discovered by professor Henryk Świdziński in 1938.

It is located in the south of Poland in a village called Złockie, close to Krynica-Zdrój. Let's follow the sign.

At first sight I was really disappointed - all that fuzz about a little mountain spring?

Alright, it is orange, which is quite unusual. But still - all that fuzz about a little mountain spring that is polluted by some chemicals?

Well, a mofeta is a place on the surface of the Earth by which the carbon dioxide from lower layers of grounds  is released. Carbon dioxide is a gas that has no colour or smell. But in the mofeta it can be seen through bubbles in the spring.

A static picture does not allow to fully understand this phenomenon. So I have prepared for you a little movie. Make sure the sound is turned on!

On one of the banks of the spring you can spot two strange pipes.

When you look inside you can see, and yes again, bubbles.

The scientists say that through these pipes you can hear "the breath of the Earth".

The mofeta in Złockie is small but I must say it was an unusual experience. I hope that you have enjoyed it as well. Let's have a last look at the friendly orange bubbles ...

... and we can cross the bridge to be back on the road again.


  1. Super,że skończyłam geografię, a przez cały tok studiów nikt nie powiedział nam niczego o tym miejscu. Chciałabym zobaczyć je na żywo, bo do tej pory nie miałam o nim pojęcia. Ciekawe miejsce,warte zobaczenia i usłyszenia.
    Pozdrawiam serdecznie :)

    1. O proszę, czyli nasz blog ma walory edukacyjne :). Naprawdę ta mofeta była zaskakująco ciekawym doświadczeniem, nawet dla laika.