Saturday, 6 February 2016


During my last trip to Bavaria I did not manage to see all the places that I wanted to see so I decided to return there. The first point on my list was the city of Bayreuth.

Bayreuth has around seventy thousand inhabitants and is housing several factories and a university. But it owns its worldwide reputation to the opera. Or to be more precise, to the Margravial Opera House, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From the outside, it looks like any other building on the Opera Street.

Inside, it is supposed to be magnificent. Unfortunately, the Opera House undergoes reconstruction works and we cannot enter inside. A real pity. I was trying to look inside through the side windows ...

... but without success. So we will need to believe the pictures made by others.

Source: Reddit

The Opera was founded by Princess Wilhelmine of Prussia, older sister of the Prussian king Frederick the Great and wife of the Margrave of Bayreuth, called Frederick as well. She was a visionary and a woman of many talents. Her ambitions have drawn the whole state on the edge of bankruptcy.

Next to the Opera House stands the Castle church, which used to be the main church in the city.

It is also an important point on the Camino de Santiago.

Inside, it is surprisingly modest.

The altar is devoted, as the entire church, to Virgin Mary.

In the back you will find the organ. The whole interior is kept in the Rococo style.

The church has entries on both side. On the other, you can see the tower.

I am sure that you have guessed that the name "castle church" has been given for a reason. And yes, just a few steps away comes the castle, known as the Old Castle.

The castle is located on a hill, surrounded by a small park.

I hope that you have enjoyed this walk through the streets of Bayreuth.

Since it is quite cold today, I propose that we take a last final look at the Red Main, who will later on become the Main.

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  1. Świetne miejsce na tym ostatnim zdjęciu :) Szkoda, że nie udało się Wam odwiedzić opery w środku, bo na tym zdjęciu wnętrze wygląda fantastycznie!