Saturday, 30 January 2016

Ski school in Brunni

Last week we were admiring the snow in Einsiedeln. But let's face it, snow is not a real fun in an abbey. But just ten kilometers from Ensiedeln lies the ski resort of Brunni, the hearth of the Mythen region.

You need to be careful when you drive to Brunni, the roads are winding and slippery. Of course, they have snowplows in Switzerland. It is just that the amount of snow they have in this country is beyond what you would normally expect. You can judge it by the orange sticks on the side of the road. You guessed it right, they are here to show to the snowplows where the road is. They are over 1.5 meter high.

It is snowing quite a lot today but already early in the morning the parking lot is filled with cars.

 In Brunni you can find slopes of different level of difficulty. The easier ones are accessible with lifts.

There is even one for sledges!

The higher ones can be reached with a cable car.

And the highest peaks, well, I guess they could only be reached with a helicopter. Still, I am not sure if trying to ski there would be a good idea.

Those of you who already know how to ski can join the others on the slopes.

The others follow me to the school.

They have classes for ski-lovers of all ages. They even have a snow garden (yes, a kind of ski- kindergarden).

I must say I was impressed by the enthousiasm of these small kids. They seem to have only recently learnt to walk and now they try to ski.

After the classes, the children can enjoy the winter playground.

Did you notice the snowy structure? Yes, it is the foundation of an igloo!

If you think that an igloo is too difficult then you can always try something easier.

Since they did not have ski boots my size, I will wait for you here, by the little river.

And well, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ...


  1. U nas po zimie już śladu nie ma. Dziś jest typowo wiosenna pogoda :)

  2. Ile śniegu! Można się w taką pogodę wybrać na śniegowe szaleństwo, choć ja na nartach nigdy jeździć nie próbowałam. Super jest ten stok dla sanek,chętnie bym zjechała :) Igloo kiedyś próbowaliśmy robić ze znajomymi, a bałwana lepię prawie co zimę. Tylko w tym roku jeszcze u mnie śniegu nie było, aby bałwana zrobić...
    Pozdrawiam :)