Saturday, 16 January 2016

Lindt on sale

We have been visiting recently Christmas markets but we did not buy anything. But now it is time for Christmas sales. But we will not buy there shoes or clothes. Oh, no, I will take you to a much more interesting place.

I guess most of you have heard of the Lindt chocolates. They are widely believed to be one of the best chocolates in Switzerland or maybe even in the world.

Lindt operates a big factory in Kilchberg, near Zurich.

Just think, these are the rails on which wagons full of chocolate leave their home and run to the entire world.

 The Kilchberg factory opens each year a special shop with Christmas chocolate.

Now that the New Year is passed all these goodies are on sale.

You can find here some standard Lindt products, both  those you can find in any supermarket ...

... and some higher end delicacies.

But the Christmas tree decorations are prompting for some special assortment as well.

Here you can see the rock Santas.

I just love this place. Why don't we play a little game of hide and seek. The golden chocolate bears see to be good company.

So are the angels and the small Santas.

Do you know the "Where is Wally" series? Let's play the "Where is Rick?" version. Those chocolate balls have always been my favourites.

So let's complete our shopping and go enjoy the balls until the chocolate starts running in our veins.


  1. mniam mniam! zazdrościmy takiej smacznej wycieczki :)

  2. Istny raj dla czekoladoholików! Mniam, na takiej wycieczce to jedzą także oczy :D

  3. Chyba nie byłoby to dobre miejsce dla mnie. Kupiłabym wszystko! :D