Saturday, 2 January 2016


After my last post I got a few e-mails telling me that a real Christmas village or baby Jesus market can only be seen in Germany. This is not entirely true, they are present all over the German-speaking Europe. But I took this argument as an excuse to organise a quick trip (and our first one!) to the beautiful German city of Munich.

The Christmas market proved to be as crowded as the ones that I have shown you in Zurich.

It is located on the square that is bordered by the New Town Hall

It is called "new" but actually it is not that new since it was built 150 years ago, in the neo-gothic style.

The Old Town Hall is just a few steps further, on the East side of the Marienplatz. It is undoubtedly old, since it has been built over 600 years ago.

Let's turn back again in the direction of the New Town Hall.

You surely noticed two towers in the back, with green domes. They belong to the Munich cathedral, called Frauenkirsche (which could be read as the "women church" but obviously men are allowed too, Frau refers here to Virgin Mary).

Inside you will immediately notice its gothic style.

In the back comes the organ.

In front of the altar hangs a huge cross, suspended to the high ceiling.

Currently the right tower is being refurbished but in general it is looking the same as its left twin.

Here we can see the Old Town of Munich in miniature.

I must say that I like these proportions much more.

Let's move now in the direction of Max-Joseph Platz.

It is surrounded by very important buildings. Actually, I am not even sure by which to start. After all - kings first. This long building is called simply the Residence. It used to be the residence of the Bavarian kings. It may look modest outside but it is absolutely amazing inside and I hope to be visit it one day.

Just next to it comes the Bavarian National Theater.

And opposite to the Residence you can see the Toerring-Jettenbach palace.

And what comes on the fourth side of the square? You are a bit curious, aren't you? Well, this one is packed with residential buildings. And luxury brands.

I am sure that the male part of the readers noticed that we did not see today one of the most important landmarks of the city. Do not worry. It simply deserves a separate post. So put on your football boots and see you next week.

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