Saturday, 4 July 2015


Nałęczów is a nice little town, just 150 kilometers from Warsaw. It is famous for its health spa specialising in cardiologic treatments.

Nałęczów is populated with picturesque villas, which accommodate nowadays small hotels and health institutes. Many of them are over 120 years old. For some it is clearly visible at first site, like in case of villa Mazowsze.

For others it is not easy to guess, like for villa Aurelia ...

... or villa Tolin.

Many villas are surrounded by nice gardens.

Others offer their guests the possibility to take a cup of frozen tea outside.

Those that cannot offer a large green garden try to put green elsewhere, even on the walls.

In fact also public buildings are often located in nice villas. Like this school of artistic handcraft.

 And this one is a post office.

Unfrotunately no villa was large enough to accommodate the town hall. This is why it is located in this ugly building.

Alright, it is time to move to the biggest attraction in town - the health spa park. It is much bigger than the one I have shown you in Busko-Zdrój. This is the main entrance.

 In spring and summer, the park is ornamented with flower carpets.

The name of the town comes from the coat of arm of its former owners, the Małachowski family. Their palace is still standing in the park.

Today it houses the museum of one of the most famous Polish writers - Bolesław Prus.

Horses are not allowed inside the museum. I think it is outrageous. I told it to Prus himself, when we were chatting in the park.

One of the nicest features of the park in Nałęczów is a little lake.

 It even has a small islet that can be accessed by a romantic bridge.

The health spa in Nałęczów was founded in 1878. Its main building is located in the park, facing the lake. The view must be really relaxing.

The building of the Pump Room, when health waters can be tasted, is modern - it was built in 1964.

I remember that the water in Busko had a horrible smell and taste. This one at least does not smell sulfur.

Unfortunately the taste is not inviting, the mineral water is full of iron ions.

I propose that we give up on the health water. Beware! The guard seems to get angry - everybody should appreciate the local water I guess. Let's hide behind the palm trees. The oldest of them is over a hundred years old.

Alright, we managed to run away. I propose that we spend the rest of the afternoon sitting by the lake, feeding the swans.


  1. W Nałęczowie jest także Muzeum Żeromskiego, drewniany dom w stylu podhalańskim.

  2. Wydaje się, że Nałęczów to śliczne miasteczko, w sam raz do pospacerowania w niedzielne popołudnie. ;) Do tej pory miejscowość ta kojarzyła mi się tylko z wodą mineralną.