Saturday, 11 July 2015

Travelling funfair

I must admit that I am already a bit tired with all these long walks and historical facts about the places that I visit. Therefore, I have decided to spend a lazy afternoon in a travelling funfair. First, we need to get some tickets.

Then we can move on to a rollercoaster.

Those who are scared of mountain railways can always try the less challenging option.

After the trains, we can move to aerial fun.

Let's jump into this yellow aircraft.

I can already hear some of you saying that this one is boring and that you need some more excitement in the air. Well, you can always give a try to this octopus-like monster.

Then come the electric bumper cars.

The pitch is not big, this is probably why the cars crash every 30 seconds.

Look! Horses are present as well!

And here comes my most favourite attraction - the Ferris wheel.

From the top you can see the town.

Luckily, the construction seems rather solid because ...

... the rollercoaster that we took a moment ago looks small and distant.

Alright, I believe that we have deserved some candies for being so brave.

We can eat them on this nice swing ride. It is the first time that I see one with double chairs. We can sit together and enjoy the sunshine.

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  1. Ojj dawno nie byłam w żadnym wesołym miasteczku! Moją ulubioną zabawą była zawsze duża łańcuchowa (chyba też nie spotkałam podwójnych siedzeń) i wata cukrowa :) Nigdy nie korzystałam z diabelskiego młyna :( a to musi być na pewno fajne oglądać miasto troszkę z góry...