Saturday, 18 July 2015


Some time ago we have visited together the Biebrza National Park. I will show you today its capital - Goniądz. The name "Goniądz" sounds almost like the Polish word "goniąc", meaning "chasing". The old stories tell that a king has spent a night there while chasing and hunting bears. This is why you will find a bear in the coat of arms of Goniądz.

 Goniądz is a town since 1547, when it received its city charter.

The first building in Goniądz was the church of Saint Agnes, originally founded in 1430. The one you can visit today was built in 1955, as its predecessor was destroyed during World War II.

I must admit these huge white towers without any ornaments are a bit unusual.

Inside, the church is also mainly white, with some delicate paintings in pale colours.

The Market Square in Goniądz resembles a bit the one in Krasnystaw. It is basically a small park.

In the middle you will find an obelisk commemorating the citizens perished in World War I.

The residential buildings around the market square are not really interesting to be honest.

Even the Town Hall looks like any other house. You must rememeber that Goniądz has only two thousand inhabitants, making it one of the smallest towns in Poland. I guess they do not keep the local government excessively busy.

The red structure on the Market Square is a water well. Old-fashioned but still operational.

Do not worry, you will not have to rely on it in case of fire. Goniądz has its own fire station.

In many small towns in Poland the fire station is also the center of cultural and social life. But Goniądz is lucky to have its own community center, a very modern one.

But on warmer days it is pretty empty. The inhabitants prefer to relax on the banks of Biebrza river.

If you look well, you will see a little sandy beach next to the nest of the storks.

In Poland the storks are believed to bring luck - and children! So take your chance or run away, whichever you prefer.


  1. Samo miasto mnie nie zachwyciło, ale pewnie warto odwiedzać i takie miejscowości, bo zawsze jak nie rynek, to obrzeża są ładne i ciekawe. Widoki na Biebrzę podobają mi się najbardziej, no i bociany! :)

    1. Na pewno nie jest to miasto do którego warto pojechać specjalnie. Dla nas było po drodze, więc się po nim z przyjemnością chwilę pokręciliśmy :).

  2. Widzę Rysiek, że poznałeś kolegę przemyskiego niedźwiadka, tyle, że ten wygląda na niebezpiecznego ;)

  3. Goniądz to miejsce gdzie się czas zatrzymał:)