Sunday, 15 July 2012

Biebrza National Park (2)

Last autumn I have shown you Goniądz, the capital of the Biebrza National Park. Many of you were disappointed that I have not shown you the Park itself. Since we have really nice weather this July, I decided to go there again and show you more.

When you enter the Park you may be surprised to see a little bridge across a field of grass. I was surprised.

When I came closer, I realised why the bridge was needed. These are in fact peat meadows.

In some parts it looks as if there were little brooks running across the fields.

As I moved further, I saw something even more astonishing. A forest growing out of water!

I have never seen something like this.

In some places the water is actually green. It is covered with something called duckweed.

You could almost believe that it is grass. Until you notice that it moves.

Time to go now. But beware of wild animals running free. It is a National Park in the end.

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