Friday, 20 July 2012

Rick goes to Asia

I think it will be the first entry about travel itself. But it was such a long journey that it deserves a separate note.

To start, after the last story from Istanbul I've heard that many of you were deeply disappointed that I did not take you to the business lounge. I am sorry friends - the Turkish guards are really strict. To make it up a bit to you, I will let you glimpse in the lounge in Warsaw.

First of all, the lounge is meant to be a place where you can relax on a nice couch.

You can also have a snack or prepare yourself a good cup of coffee.

For those that are afraid of flying, the lounge has a little something to soothe the nerves.

There is even one special for horses!

As my trip was to lead me to a very distant country, I had to switch planes twice. My first transfer was in Moscow. They have a very nice duty free zone there.

Finally, my plane arrived. My first time on Air China.

Some of you probably think that flying is boring. This is probably the case if you fly over the sea. Or over countryside in Europe. This time it was different. Just have a look at the sunset somewhere over Siberia ...

... or the dawn somewhere close to Beijing (I did not realise so far that there are such hugh mountains there).

In the Beijing Airport you can feel that you are no longer in Europe.

Even the cafes look different.

I only had one hour in Beijing, enough time only to have a quick drink.

Orange juice only, of course.

Finally, I jumped on my last plane. Time to have a good breakfast before we arrive and I can start sightseeing. Anyone knows what a pickle is?

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