Saturday, 22 August 2015


In the North of Slovakia, close to the Polish border, lies Bardejov. Although not much bigger than Goniądz, this small city is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List, so among around a thousand most beautiful places in the world.

The city walls are still impressive.

The moat was changed in a pavewalk, but its stones look medieval.

Just next you will meet one of the fortified towers.

Behind the walls first you will enter the Jewish district.

Its heart is obviously a syngogue.

But the center of the city is this spacious Market Square. To fully aprecciate its size you should remember that the perspective is lying. The distance between the Town Hall, the building in the square's center, to the church behind is only a bit smaller then between me and the Town Hall.

The market square is surrounded by the burghers’ houses, dating from the first half of the 15th century. What is unique for Bardejov, is that the house construction is gothic, with the high steep roofs, but its ornaments are Renaissance, with ancient style portals. 

The same is with the Town Hall, the first Renaissance building in Slovakia, ...

... with its ornamented bay staircase.

Behind the Town Hall stands the tallest building of the city, Basilica Minor of St. Egidius.

Its interior is full of light and the gothic flank altairs.

Although not as big as in Kraków, they are very impressive since you can come very close and admire the details.

The main altair directs your view to the sky.

Notice the beautiful gothic arcs and the rosetta behind the pipe organ.

The gothic staircase window's ornaments are astonishing.

If you are brave as me I advise you to take the risk and climb the stairs.

You will not only see the church's roof, ...

but whole world heritage city, with the Town Hall, the market square ...

and houses that surround it, ...

and even the tower we have seen at the beginning.

So if you are not afraid of height go and visit Bardejov!

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  1. Ten rynek jest niby taki zwyczajny, ale bardzo mi się spodobał. Ma ciekawą formę :)