Saturday, 15 August 2015

Illusion Farm

If you are in Warsaw on a sunny summer day it becomes sometime difficult to breathe. In such a case I would recommend you to take a trip to a place that is just 1.5 hour drive from the city - the Illusion Farm.

This is a place specially designed to put the magic at your fingertips. Like this water tap - the water is flowing out of it, even though there is no pipe bringing the water, the tap is literally floating in the air.

So do these plastic balls.

Obviously, when you come closer you will feel the air blown from the cones. The magic of physics. Like in this Newton's cradle.

Look, there is a flying house, like in the movie "Up!". Inside the house, all is organised under a steep angle, it is truely amazing. I had really difficulties to walk inside, not even mentioning taking pictures.

This is not the only weird house on the farm. This one is attached to a pivot and is actually rotating. With people (and horses!) inside.

A large part of the attractions is related to illusion created by mirrors.

Unfortunately inside the mirror labyrinth it is pretty dark and the pictures are rather poor.

But there is another labyrinth that stands in full light.

Easy one, you say? Well, just go and try.

Those of you who have found their way out can move on with me to see the remaining part of the park.

Watch out for the giant octopus! It has already sunk more than one boat.

The Illusion Farm is animal-friendly. They even have a camping for rabbits and other small animals.

Look! My cousing George.

Sorry friends, I need to chat with George about his new girlfriend. I propose that you explore the remaining attractions on your own. Just be careful not to fall into rabbit wholes or it may turn out that you will suddenly become smaller and smaller. If you find a table bigger than you it means that something is not entirely right.


  1. świetne miejsce, pierwszy raz o nim słyszę! :D może w przyszłe wakacje uda się tam wybrać.

  2. Nie wiedziałam, że w Polsce mamy takie miejsce. Tam musi być interesująco :D