Saturday, 1 August 2015


Nidzica is a small town in the North-East of Poland. When I arrived there I was not really impressed. A very typical square with a very typical Town Hall ...

... surrounded by very typical residential buildings.

But when I started to walk on the left side of the square, I have noticed a building that looked more interesting. It turned out to be the seat of the National Archives.

Then came another one, an old brewery and distillery that is still operational.

Finally, up on a hill, I have spotted through the leaves the main reason for my visit.

This monument indicates clearly that the place has some military history that dates back to the Middle Ages.

Long, high walls used to be in the past a strong defence line.

From the top of the tower, the defenders could see potential attackers from far away.

I am sure that you guessed it right. The biggest tourist attraction of Nidzica is its castle, built in the second half of the fourteenth century by Teutonic Knights who ruled this part of Poland at that time. The main entrance looks similar to the city gate from Olsztyn that we saw last year.

If you look up, you will notice that the Teutonic Knights were pretty modern when it comes to their ways of spending free time.

The inner courtyard is rather narrow.

The unusual decorations around the courtyard are due to the fact Nidzica houses a gathering of fans of speculative fiction.

The Nidzica castle is a convenient place for this type of events because it offers a pretty good restaurant with regional dishes ...

... and a small hotel.

I propose that we go up to the first floor.

You will find there a library. Unfortunately it was closed when I came there.

All around the gallery on the first floor there is an exhibition showing what Nidzica looked like in the past. Just as an example, in 1914 the market square was full of horses.

At that time Neidenburg, as it was called, belonged to the German Empire. But during First World War it was heavily damaged by Russian soldiers, like these Cossacks.

All in all this is it, not much more to see here. Let's then take a final look at the castle itself.

I must admit that I was slightly disappointed by the Nidzica castle, after seeing Bytów I was expecting a bit more. Still, if you are in the neighbourhood you can drop by to taste some delicious duck dumplings.

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  1. faktycznie, też czułabym się trochę zawiedziona... ostatnio, jeśli chodzi o podróże, zawiódł mnie Golub-Dobrzyń.