Saturday, 26 July 2014

Święta Lipka

Święta Lipka (called Heiligelinde in German) is a village in the North of Poland. It is famous for the sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary. According to the old tales, in the fourteenth century a prisoner has scuplted Mary with the Child and has placed it on a linden tree. Many pilgrims were visiting the sculpture who was said to bring miracles to those who believed. Unfortunately during the unrest following the Reformation the tree was cut down and the sculpture destroyed. A new chapel was founded 1619 and entrusted to the Jesuite order.


Nowadays, the sanctuary is far bigger than the small chapel it used to be in the past.

It is also one of the sites of the Polish Route of Santiago de Compostela (so-called Camino Polaco). I will not be able to visit all of them this year but I hope to see at least one or two more.

So let's enter through the monumental gate.

The complex of Święta Lipka (the church, the convent and the surroundings) are considered as one of the most magnificent examples of Baroque architecture in Poland.

Next to the top you can see a reminder of the old tree and the miraculous sculpture.

The church is embraced by a gallery.

The ceiling of the gallery is decorated with frescos with biblical scenes.

The paintings are also on the domes.

On the walls there are Stations of the Cross.

Inside, the church is decorated with numerous ornaments. You can see in a second that it has been built in the baroque style.

Again, the ceiling is painted with biblical scenes.

But the biggest jewel of the church is the organ. During concerts held there the sculptures of Mary and the angels move along with the music.

On the left side of the main nave you see again Our Lady on the linden tree.

The concert will begin in two minutes so let's sit and listen. Then we will move back on the Santiago route. Watch out for the Santiago shell.


  1. Piękne sanktuarium, szkoda, że tak daleko. No, ale może kiedyś uda mi się odwiedzić to miejsce :)

  2. Oh you was in my country. I hope you like Poland. This is beautiful coutry with many interesting places :)