Saturday, 12 July 2014

Summer camp with the scouts

I have heard from some of you that my blog is becoming somehow too exclusive and that sleeping in fancy hotels is not for real travellers. So I decided to show you that travelling is possible in many ways. Let me then take you to a scout camp! We will visit one that is only one hour drive from Warsaw.

Scouts typically have their camps in forests.

For those of you who are not acquainted with the idea of scouting, I need to explain that scouts are a movement designed to support young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development. They are split into age groups and typically boys and girls have separate activities. The youngest ones (aged 6-10 in Poland) are called Cub Scouts. You can recognise them by blue neckerchiefs.

In the back you can see the tents in which live the Cubs.

They are pretty big since the young children sleep on folded beds, not on the ground.

I was not sure if these tents are solid enough so I checked them both on the top ...

... and then the pegs. They seemed to be well planted in the ground, good job!

Teenager scouts wear green uniforms and bi-color neckerchiefs. The ones we were visiting had them blue and yellow.

They live in smaller tents.

And yes, those ones sleep on the ground. Real survival training.

You probably wonder what they have in these huge backpacks. Well, more or less everything. They even bring their own cuttlery.

What about girls you ask? There are girls here as well. At the beggining scouts were for boys only but obviously we live in the XXI century now. The girls wear grey uniforms. These may come with short trousers or with a skirt.

They told me the girls live over there. So survival applies to the ladies as well.

If somebody would ask me before I came here what I would consider as a typical part of a scouts' camp, I would say - singing around bonfire. I always had in mind the image of a scout with a guitar. But honestly, I never thought about this kind of guitars.

 Even less did I think of drums. On the other hand - why not?

So let's the concert begin. Time to party in the forest, the scouts' way.

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  1. Dziękuję Ci ślicznie za wakacyjną niespodziankę:) Cieszę się, że o mnie pamiętasz w swych podróżach :D Życzę pięknej pogody i coraz dalszych wojaży ;)