Saturday, 5 July 2014


Pułtusk is a small town, fifty kilometers from Warsaw. It has around twenty thousand inhabitants.

Pułtusk is located on the river Narew. As it is crossed by many small canals, it is sometimes referred to as "Polish Venice". In fact the canals go through parks ...

... and next to the residential buildings.

The biggest attraction of the town is the market square, which is said to be the largest or at least longest in Europe - it is 400 meters long. So to see it in full you need to look first left ...

... and then right.

The first white building that you have seen is the Collegiate Church. It was founded in 1449 so before Columbus discovered America!

The residential buildings on all sides of the market square are colorfoul and well maintained.

On top of the Town Hall you can see the flag of the town.

The gothic Town Hall tower houses the regional museum. You can see there, amoung other artefacts, meteorites that have fallen on the town in 1868.

In the back of the market square there is a fountain. As you may imagine, this is the favourite place for all young people seeking fun on a hot day.

Behind the fountain you can see the chapel of saint Mary Magdalene.

Last but not least, I will take you now to the castle. It used to be the seat of a bishop, now it is a hotel and a place dedicated to Poles living abroad.

In the moat there is nowadays a concert hall in the open air.

In the front yard there are a few cannons. I am not really sure if they have ever served in the army or if they are here for decoration purposes only.

Let's go down to the park.

 This little bay hides a small marina.

And here you can see the castle-hotel again.

I really enjoyed this trip. Now let's get back to the market square and try to find some icecreams!

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  1. Cześć Ryśku,
    Widzę, że znów odwiedziłeś przepiękne miejsce. Nawet nie wiedziałam, że jest tam, aż tak pięknie!
    P.S. Dziękuję za śliczną kartkę z Olsztyna! Jest cudna <3