Saturday, 28 June 2014


The castle in Krasiczyn dates back to the sixteenth century. It is surrounded by a large park.

The castle was built in the Renaissance style. You can notice it already when we approach the entrance.

As you probably know, the main difference between a castle and a palace is that even though both are a residence of royalties or nobility, the first one has not only residential functions but is also a defense line. You can still see the cannons next to the entrance.

The towers were also in the past useful defence tools. This one was called Noble Tower.

In the courtyard you can admire the large stairs made of marble.

One of the corners houses a chapel, located in the so-called Divine Tower.

I just love this architecture, let me show you this tower in more details.

The arcades run around the courtyard. It is of course possible to climb up to get a better perspective.

Not high enough? All right, let's clomb to the Clock Tower. I know, I know, it is not easy to walk on these steps. But remember my friends that they did not know how to build elevators in the sixteenth century.

The top of the Divine Tower is here to greet us.

And here comes the Papal Tower.

Here you can see the full heigth of the place. I know, it is still not possible to see the full courtyard. To do this, you need to check out this virtual tour.

The scene on top of the arcade is a sgraffito. You could say it is the great-great aunt of grafittis. It represents a hunting scene.

Time to show you a glimpse of the park as well. Let's pass the Royal Tower.

Now let's sneak through the moat.

A last look at the castle itself.

Which road will we chose? The winding one ...

... or the path between living columns?

You are right, let's try all! They will lead us to little lakes ...

... and to beautiful flowers.

These trees mark the history of a noble family. Each time a boy was borne they were planting an oak and for girls they planted limes. Seven in total.

Each tree is signed with a stone thatbears the first name and the date of birth. Very practical if you have a problem to rememebr about the birthdays of your close relatives.

Now a little something special. Just for you my friend. A tree that can make your wish come true. Just think about it really hard. And 10% for me of course.

The park is large but we never get really far from the castle. The towers are always here to watch and protect.

Krasiczyn is an amazing place. I really recommend that you come and see it with your own eyes.


  1. Super relacja z pobliskiego zamku ;)

  2. Dawno już byłam w Krasiczynie, będę musiała kiedyś odwiedzić ten piękny park i zamek.

  3. Widzę, że mieszkasz w stolicy :) Zbyt późno się zorientowałam pisząc poprzedni komentarz.

    1. Witamy i pozdrawiamy. Faktycznie Rysiek ma bazę wypadową w stolicy :).