Saturday, 2 August 2014


Today we will visit another small town on the Polish Route of Santiago de Compostela. It is called Barczewo and is celebrating this year 550 years of exintence since it was founded in 1364.

On the market square you will find in the first place the town hall.

But of you look carefully you will for sure spot also the Santiago shell.

To fulfill our duties as pilgrims we need to enter the Saint Anna Church. You may admire the ceiling in the gothic style ...

... the organ (not as nice as the one in Święta Lipka though) ...

... and finally the picture of Our Lade of Barczewo together with her mother Saint Anna and Baby Jesus.

Now let's walk down the hill on which the church is located.

This nice lake is in fact the river Pisa. On the other side you can see the prison, with the church of Saint Dismas or the Penitent Thief.

And again the Saint Anna church, with the town hall in the back.

The lake is a fantastic recreational area. It is surrounded by flowers and benches. And on the lake itself you can see swans with their young. Yes, you got it right. These are the ugly ducklings from the tale by H.Ch. Andersen.

Let's go up the hill again. Next to the town hall you can see the house in which Feliks Nowowiejski, one of the most prominent Polish composers, was born.

Let's cross Pisa again. I will take you to the last attraction in town.

As in many other towns that I have shown you, before World War II many Jews lived in Barczewo. Obviously, they had their synagogue in town.

Nowadays, the synagogue has been turned into an art gallery. You can still see the old architecture, with the upper floor desined for women.

But the traditional menorah is now framed by contemporanous paintings.

Time to move back on the trail my friends. Santiago is waiting for us!


  1. Jest tyle pięknych miejsc w Polsce i dzięki Tobie je poznajemy :D

  2. Ogromnie się cieszę że mogę się tym z kimś podzielić :)