Saturday, 9 August 2014

Relaxing in Mazury

Mazury (or Masuria) is a region in the North-East of Poland, known as the land of a thousand lakes. These lakes can be bigger or smaller but they are all very picturesque. They are a great place for fishing, sunbathing and for sailing. This summer is particularly hot in Poland so I thought it would be great to spend a bit of time on the lakes.

When we came to Barczewo last week, I have noticed that it lies on a kayak trail of the rivers Pisa and Dadaj. The entire trail is 48 kilometers long.

The river in Barczewo is very shallow.

And it includes a lock so we would need to carry our kayaks.

So after talking to the locals, I have decided to start rather in Zalesie which is number 4 on the map above. Zalesie lies next to a small lake called Orzyc. They have there a nice little bay which offers some water attractions. The kayak is ready.

If we put them in water here, we will have 27 kilometers of uninterrupted trail in front of us.

But we could also use a little boat ...

... or a pedalo (called "water bicycle" in Polish).

We just need to decide in which direction we will go. Maybe over there?

Or here?

First we need to cross the rushes.

And then we can admire the lake and its inhabitants.

Time to get back to Zalesie. Those who wish can go and make some sand castles.

I will take a little nap instead.

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