Saturday, 17 May 2014


Tykocin is a small town in the East of Poland, founded in the fourteenth century. It is probably best known for two buildigs. The first of them is the Tykocin Castle, which first belonged to a noble family and then to Polish kings.

The castle was heavily damaged in the past, its recoonstruction has begun only ten years ago. But they are really doing a great job! To see it inside you can get a look at this nice panoramic view.

You can almost hear the ladies and the knights walking on this balcony.

The tower is a bit more scary though.

In the center of Tykocin you will find of course the market square.

The white building in the back is the baroque church of the Holy Trinity.

On the right you will see the bridge over the Narew river.

The square is surrounded by nice residential buildings.

And in the middle you will find the monument dedicated to the general Stefan Czarniecki, one of the most prominent military leaders on the seventeenth century. They say it is the second oldest non-sacral monument in Poland.

The second most famous building in Tykocin is the Great Synagogue.

It used to be one of the biggest and oldest synagogues in Poland. Unfortunately, the nazis have largely damaged it during World War II.

Today, it houses the Museum of Jewish Culture.

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