Saturday, 10 May 2014

Botanical Garden in Powsin

A! Spring is in the air! There is no better place to feel and see it in its full splendour than a botanical garden. So today, I will take you to Powsin to a garden created by the Polish Academy of Science.

It was created in 1974 and includes 40 hectares of beauty. The main theme of the garden is the protection of biodiversity. Therefore the garden includes a couple of clearly distinct parts.

Next to the main entrance you will see an alpine garden (also called rock garden).

It mainly includes green plants but not only.

Then comes a little river (there are frogs inside!). You can even enjoy crossing it by jumping on the rocks, one  by one (or missing some if you prefer).

Be careful not to step on the ants! They are an important part of the ecosystem.

Then come the greenhouses that shelter more exotic plants.

You can see there lemons ...

... and oranges.

You can admire the coffe plants of coffea arabica ...

... and real Chinese tea.

Here comes an olive tree, typical for the Mediterranean region.

And there you can admire the Angel Trumpets (or more scientifically - Brugmansia (Datura) x candida "Grand Marnier") ...

 ... and the Brasilian beauty of Brunfelsia calicyna.

Obviously, greenhouses with exotic plants must also include cactuses (or cacti actually). There are small ones ...

... big ones ...

... and even some that bloom! I like best the Euphorbia milii

And finally, of course, a palm tree. 

And then we will quickly jump into the arboretum so the part devoted to trees. The arboretum in Powsin is famous mainly for its magnolia trees. And the reason why we went there today is that the magnolias are now in blossom. The smell is incredible! There are many varieties of magnolias there. The white Magnolia ×soulangeana "Alba Superba", with a touch of pink at the bottom.

The pink Magnolia ×soulangeana "Lennei".

The deep purple Magnolia liliiflora "Susan".

And the supreme white beauty of Magnolia "Elizabeth".

The last part of the garden is dedicated to plants that grow in Polish mountains. There are even small mountains built to make you feel a bit like in the Tatras.

This is the sign you will see on a real trail.

There are small mountain brooks embeded in the hill.

As well as the mountain pines (pinus mugo).

Some smaller plants are present as well. So my dear friends from all over the world - who will pronounce "różeniec górski"?

Allright, it is time to take some rest now. We can sit in this nice litlle Chinese arbor.

And to enjoy springtime even more let's taste this fantastic cotton floss ...

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