Saturday, 24 May 2014


As I have found out today Czersk is not even a town, just a village. But in the old days it used to be the capital of the Duchy of Masovia that was annexed by Poland in 1526. The most important remaining of these times is the medieval castle of the ducs. No surprisingly, it is located on a little hill.

Next to it, there is a little river. No, it is not Vistula, Vistula is far larger.

We enter by the impressive gate.

Inside you can see the courtyard. I can only imagine the amazing tournaments and parties that used to take place here.

It is possible to climb up the tower. So mind your step - they are really high!

Here you can see the round-shaped tower again but from the top of the parallel tower.

And here comes the river again.

The castle is surrounded by fields.

If you have difficulties to imagine the heigth of the tower just look down. But grab the barrier first!

Inside the castle there is a little exposition of medieval arms. This one was called a crossbow. It was necessary to use a windlass to put an arrow on it. Though in fact it was not an arrow (arrows are used with bows) but a bolt.

I loved the ceiling here.

In the courtyard you can see a battering ram. It was used to force the gates of castles.

It was really a nice trip. A bit saddening though. Another nice castle turned into ruins. Humans should pay a bit more attention to their stuff.

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