Saturday, 3 May 2014

Those fantastic machines

Some time ago I have participated in an amazing event dedicated to all types of huge machines serving people in their duties. I will share with you this experience.

First there were some machines dedicated to save lives and homes. Starting of course with an ambulance.

It was possible to enter inside and look at the equipment as well.

Then come the firefighters. The best thing ever was that it was allowed to climb on top of the roof and play a bit with the firehose! It was also possible to wear the helmet, unfortunately they did not have my size.

In the second corner came the construction machines. An excavator ...

... and in the back a huge crane.

A big dumper ...

... was followed by a forklift that was by no means smaller.

In a third corner came the machines used in the cities. One for the garbage men.

Another one designed to clean the streets.

It was equipped with a huge brush.

Then a snow plow, so a special vehicle to remove snow from the streets.

You can compare it to the size of a horse - impressive, isn't it?

Last but not least, came the machines used in agriculture. A small tractor ...

... and his big brother.

One of the reasons why I liked this show so much was that it has made me realise that not so long ago, human needed horses to fulfill all these duties. The nice machines have given us horses some well deserved rest. Thanks buddies!

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