Saturday, 30 March 2013

Frascati Park

If I would show you my calendar you would see there that I have planned for the beggining of the spring nice long trips outside of Warsaw. But what can I do if on the last weekend of March it is minus eight centigrades? My human family firmly refused to go on any longer trip. Instead, we took a walk in the Frascati Park in Warsaw.

We start at the Square of the Three Crosses. It is not really a square. In the middle you see the church of Saint Alexander. As many other churches in Warsaw it was destroyed by bombs during World War II and subsequently rebuilt between 1949 and 1952 in a form similar to its original design.

From the square we turn right to the Prusa Street. Bolesław Prus was a famous Polish writer who lived in the neighbourhood. We pass a hotel of an international network (very expensive) and then we arrive to the Buffo Music Theater.

It is quite known in Poland, mainly because it introduced the first Polish musicall "Metro", about young Polish people in the 1990s. Many known Polish singers played in this musicall.

Finally, we arrive to the park. It is quite small and currently covered with snow.

The Frascati Park is located on the edge of the Vistula escarpment, just like the Arkadia Park that I have shown you recently. So we need to use stairs to get down. Be careful, they are slippery!

Did you notice the tree in the back. Yes, it does have leaves. Unfortunately they come from last year.

If we take the second stairs we will go further down

You can see the hights of the wall. And it is only a part of the height of the escarpment.

Here you can see what is still below. This part of Warsaw is called "Powiśle" which can be translated as "close to Vistula river".

Becasue of the cold my human family made me shorten the walk. So back on stairs and going up again.

Just before jumping into the car I will show you these nice decorative vases. They are more or less everywhere in the park.

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