Saturday, 2 March 2013

Mike the Skating Bull

I was complaining recently (more than once probably) about the cold winter in Poland. I got then an e-mail from my friend Mike.

I decided to share this e-mail with you.

* * *

Hi Rick,

I think you are really exaggerating with all those complaints about the winter time. This is an amazing period, you only need to find the best winter sport for you. My favourite one is skating. I will show you today the fun it can bring. I will take you to the Stegny Ice Rink in Warsaw. 

It was built in 1979 and you can see it. But it is very welcoming to all those who are not fluent skaters. You will see the "Welcome" ("Witamy" in Polish) signs everywhere.

Actually, there are two rinks there. One longer for those who can (and want) to skate really fast.

And the inside one, designed for children and beginners like you. They also play hockey there.

I know, I know, you do not have skates. This is not an excuse. It is possible to rent skates here. And it only costs 5 zloty for one hour, so the price of an international stamp for just one postcard.

The bad thing unfortunately is that the smallest size they have will probably be too big for you. And yes, for me too.

So what I would recommend you is just to use your horseshoes. Skating is real fun, believe me! Winter has many great aspects, you just need to open yourselves to them.

* * *

I must admit the whole story was quite interesting. Maybe I will try it myself one day. Next year. Maybe. In the end, I am a traveller, not a sports champion. So I will stick to it. 

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