Saturday, 9 March 2013

Radzyń Podlaski

Recently, I have visited another Postcrossing friend of mine, Ania. She lives now in Radzyń Podlaski, a nice small town in Eastern Poland. It only has a bit more than sixteen thousand inhabitants and has quite a boring market place.

But do not be foolled by it, Radzyń was founded in 1468 and has a nice and interesting history. So let's move down the Białka river to see a bit of this history.

The ducks seem to enjoy the cold water. At least I hope they do.

Here you can see the church of the Holy Trinity. It was founded in mid-seventeen century.

But the biggest attraction in town is the Palace of the Potocki family. This used to be the most rich noble family in the region. Let's stroll through this nice alley (mind the snow!).

I like those old-fashioned lanterns. They remind me of the good old days when horses were walking this path.

And here comes the palace. You can see how large it is - I told you, the Potocki were super-rich.

Let's come closer. We need to cross the little river. It used to be a line of defence probably.

Here comes the main gate. Unfortunately it is not possible to visit the palace inside. This was a true disappointemnt I must admit.

Next to the gate there is a statue of the famous Polish violonist and composer, Karol Lipiński. He was born in Radzyń Podlaski - he is probably the most famous person born in this town so far.

I must admit I got a little cold during this trip. Luckily Ania found for me a nice furry blanket. My new best friend for tonight.

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