Saturday, 2 February 2013

Królikarnia and Arkadia Park

In winter time it is not so easy to convince my human family to take longer trips. Luckily, Warsaw has many interesting places to see.

Today I will show you the Królikarnia Palace. Literally, it means "the rabbit house". But it is not part of the Warsaw ZOO. This is a museum devoted to one of the most famous Polish sculptors, Xavery Dunikowski.

We will enter by this nice gate.

We will walk through this red brick bridge.

Unfortunately, the only form of water that you will find in the park is now snow.

On tha grass you can admire some of the sculptures of Dunikowski. This one is called "The separation of soul from the body".

And here comes the Królikarnia Palace itself. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during World War II. It was reconstructed only in 1964.

The idea of lying in the grass seems nice. But lying in the snow is a bit weird. Luckily this nice gentleman has at least some kind of bench.

The backyard of the Palace is quite modest.

Królikarnia Palace is located on the Vistula escarpment. In fact, the left bank of Warsaw is located on two levels. The upper part is located on the escarpement while the lower part is, of course, below. Here you can see the view from the escarpement.

The lower part is called "Arkadia". This is a small park with a few lakes.

Nowadays, the lakes are of course frozen.

When your turn back you will see the highth on which the Palace stands.

And this is my favourite one. Something blue, something white, a bit of green and red. Who said that winter is boring?

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  1. Thank you Rick for sharing with us your trips.