Saturday, 9 February 2013

Railroad Kingdom

Last time I was in Prague I did not manage to see all the points on my list. Since it was raining this time, it was the perfect occasion to visit the Railroad Kingdom.

 It is full of miniature locomotives that go in all directions.

To be honest they are not that small, just compare them to the size of a horse.

But you can see there whole cities, with houses, buses etc.

The visitors are both adults and children. The young visitors will find many items designed for them, like a whole area made out of LEGO cubes.

But the biggest crowd of children was next to the Sodor Island.

But the crowd was pretty dense also next to Chuggington.  

Koko and Wilson are smiling happily to all visitors.

I have spent a real good time in Prague again. Nonetheless, I warmly welcomed the real train station on my way back home.

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