Saturday, 6 October 2012

Ottawa - Part 2

Of course the Parliament is not the only interesting spot in Ottawa but it is a nice starting point for a walk in the city. From the top of the Peace Tower you can see a very nice panorama of the city.

Next to the Parliament building you will see the Centennial Flame. It commemorates Canada’s 100th anniversary as a Confederation.

If you think that this flame is a proof that Canadians are fed up with being a consistutional monarchy you are wrong. During my stay I saw all over the city flags commemorating the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elisabeth II.

If you move a bit further from the Hill, you will see Château Laurier. Yes, yes, you guessed it right, this is yet another hotel. But looks nice, doesn't it?

 What you surely noticed on this first picture is the river. Actually, it is not a river, it is a canal - the Rideau Canal. It is the oldest canal system in America and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007.

On the canal you can see some equipment that facilitates the navigation ...

... and some nice boats too.

 And here the Canal in the direction of Ontario.

Time to move further then!

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