Saturday, 13 October 2012

Crawford Lake and West Montrose Covered Bridge

You have seen some of the biggest Canadian cities (and you will see more of course) so now I will show you a bit of the countryside in the province of Ontario.

First, I will take you to the Conservation Halton and show you the Crawford Lake. You will approach it by a nice wooden footbridge.

 The lake is surrounded by forests.

I have heard that the water in this lake is very clean. Let's have a closer look to check it this is true.

 Indeed, the water in the lake is very clear, you can see the rocks on the bottom of the lake.

After a short bath in the lake we set off for another tourist attraction in the neighborhood, the West Montrose Covered Bridge over the Grand River.

It is an interesting wooden construction.

 The Grand River is quite large (as the name suggests) so the bridge is also relatively long.

 It is pretty dark inside (and full of spider webs to be honest)

Ontario is a very nice place for tourists. Though probably not all local inhabitants are so excited by these tourists. Especially those who do not know the rules about car parking.

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