Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ottawa - Part 1

Our next stop was Ottawa, the capital city of Canada. We started our visit at the Parliament Hill.

As you correctly guessed, the main attraction of the Hill is the Parliament building.

The most known part of it is the Peace Tower, i.e., a clock tower that you will find on the 20-dollar bill and the 50-dollar bill. Until early 1970s it was the highest point in Ottawa.

Behind the main building you will the the building of the Library, which in turn can be seen on the 10-dollar bill. It is the last part of the original building that survived until our days, after the terrible fire in 1916.

Finally, we went to see the inside chambers. We entered by the Rotunda.

Here you can see the House of Commons ...

... and the Senate.

On our way out of the Parliament we admired the changing of guards.

Canadian Guards are known for their nice red uniforms and hats. Most of the girsl are crazy about them. But this time it was the opposite - the guards were so charmed by Aleksandra that they asked me to take a picture of them together.

* * *

And here a little a bonus - a backstage picture.

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