Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rick goes to America

My last trip to Asia was so nice that I decided it is time to visit another continent again. As travelling alone proved to be dangerous, this time I will go with Aleksandra.

Just like me, Aleksandra is a celebrity - she is number 1 Polish Postcrosser.

We started our journey in her hometown Jelenia Góra. The niciest building in town is the Town Hall.

Literally, the name of the city is "Deer Mountain". I have not met any deers though. At least, I have seen a mountain - it is Chojnik. Aleksandra told me that on top of it there is a castle.

Unfortunatelly we did not have time to climb up the hills as we had to hurry to catch our plane. It was the first time I was at the Wrocław airport.

We first took a connecting flight to Munich.

And then a really long flight to Toronto.

Finally, we arrived at our destination - Bienvenues au Quebec mes amis!

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