Saturday, 11 June 2016

Park of Culture in Powsin

Today I invite you to slow down and enjoy with me a lazy afternoon in the Park of Culture in Powsin. There will be no medieval castles or gothic cathedrals in sight but I hope you will appreciate some of the simple pleasures that the park has to offer.

You might rememebr that we have already been in Powsin when I was showing you the magic magnolias in the Botanical Garden. Powsin is a small village close to Warsaw and one of the preferred green areas when families can spend time together in an active way. In the summer rental house you can rent all types of balls but also equipment needed for ringo, badminton or a jump rope (there is obviously also a winter rental house when you can rent skis and sledges).

You can play here tennis ...


... or mini-golf.

In summer it is possible to swim in the swimming pool. The water is quite cold to be honest.


Luckily, it is always possible to warm up in the nice sauna.


Those of you who are too tired to play voleyball or football (there are pitches and courts for both!) can simply take a walk in the woods.

Some of the trees are really impressive, they were classified as "natural monuments".

Finally, those who enjoy sports but do not enjoy moving can enter one of these houses, where it is always possible to find people willing to play contract bridge or chess.

Whole this sporting activity has made me hungry. Let's find some nice meadow.

And now the perfect family picnic food - self-grilled sausages!

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