Saturday, 4 June 2016


Last year I was happy to take you to the the Warsaw Opera to watch Rigoletto. Today we will be able to celebrate another wonderful event in another temple of culture - the Warsaw Philharmonic.

Let's check the repertoire. This is a fancy word for the list of concerts planned for a given year.

The main entry is large designed in classical style.

One of the founders of the Warsaw Philharmonic was Ignacy Paderewski, the famous Polish pianist and composer, who used to be also the Prime Minister of Poland after it has regained its independence at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The cloakroom is vast enough, even for horses.

In the back you can spot glass doors. I like a lot the decorations with musical instruments.

We have places on the balcony so let's go up.

The first music lovers have already taken places.

The central part of the Philharmonic is the organ. Contrary to the church, it is in the front not in the back.

But my favourite musical instruments are in any case the harps and the drums. Shining like pure gold.

If you would like to visit the building of the Warsaw Philharmonic in more details I recommend you to watch the video below. It is called "A visit in the Philharmonic".

And now hush! The concert begins.

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  1. Głupio to napisać, ale nigdy nie byłam w filharmonii. Miałam iść kiedy mieszkałam w Łodzi, ale wciąż coś wypadało, a pięć lat nagle zleciało. Wiem, że będę musiała to nadrobić, ale nie mam pojęcia kiedy. Wnętrza takich miejsc wyglądają olśniewająco i bardzo elegancko :)