Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Time to leave the nice Isle of Skye. Here comes our ferry.

It seems pretty solid and should without any problem take us to Mallaig.

We arrived just on time to catch the train.

Maybe the train itself is not so special but it was not supposed to be the true attraction. I will give you a hint, we are going here:

Does not ring a bell? Then just take a look below. And yes, I am sure that it strangely reminds you of something ...

And yes, the Glenfinnan Viaduct has proudly staged in all the Harry Potter movies, with the Howgarts express passing there.

We arrived at Fort William pretty early so we had some time for a quick visit before our bus to Oban arrived. We first walked down the High Street.

As its name suggest, Fort William used to include an English fort. Not much has remained from it.

We have seen this interesting statue next to the banks of Loch Linnhe. I believe it is a knight or a hockey player. Unless you have a better guess.

Fort William lies close to the highest peak of Scotland, Ben Navis. We did not have time for hiking but at least we have spent the rest of our free time here.

Finally, we have arrived to Oban. 

Here comes the cathedral of Saint Columba. Is it only me or maybe you also never heard of those saints that are patrons of Scottish churches?

As we move to the bay, on top of the hill we can see the McCaig's Tower.

I am sure that you ask yourselves (just as I did) what was the purpose of this tower. Well actually there was none. It was financed by a philanthropist in the sole aim to give work to local workers. And to immortalise his name obviously. I encourage you to take this virtual tour of the Tower to fully assess its size.

One of the great things about climbing on hills is obviously the view. Here comes Oban from bird-eye view. Behind Kerrera island you can see the Isle of Mull.

Alright, let's move down. There is one more place I want to visit today. The famous Oban whisky distillery. Established in 1794 my friends.

Unfortunately it was not allowed to take pictures inside. You will have to believe me that they make great quality whisky. A bit too strong for me though. To cheer you up a bit, I will take you now for a little treat - the fruit scone.

It is getting late. I hope that you have enjoyed the time that we have spent in Scotland. Time to get some sleep before our trip back home.

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