Saturday, 15 November 2014

Glen Coe and Loch Lomond

Today I will show you the very last part of my trip to Scotland with Ola. We will start in Glen Coe. A "glen" is a deep valley, often of volcanic origin (Volcanoes in Scotland? Well, I was also a bit surprised). Let's get on the road then, we will have over twenty kilometers to walk today.

This small lake is called Loch Achtriochtan and lies next to Road A 82, a few kilometeres from where the James Bong "Skyfall" movie was shot.

Next to the lake we pass a village of the same name. Well, calling it a village is maybe a bit too much.

Here you can see the valley in its full beauty.

These peaks are called Three Sisters of Glen.

Between the Sisters there is a path called Coire Gabhai. Not really fit for high heels my ladies.

The other side of the valley is framed by Aonach Eagach.

It is maybe not so high but climbing it is not easy.

Glen Coe has witnessed, as any place in Highlands, harsh fights during the Jacobite Rising. Yet, here the death was coming also with less honour and dignity. The so-called Massacre of Clencoe, commemorated by this monument, was a simple mass-murder not an act of war. We horses will never understand humans.

Finally, we are ready to move on the West Highland Way. We start in Tarbet, at 10 AM sharp, ready for a cruise on Loch Lomond.

With all this mist the view is quite disappointing.

Let's get out of the boat in Inversnaid and take a walk instead. This nice waterfall is called Arklet Falls. The Arklet Burn flows from Loch Arklet and at Inversnaid falls into Loch Lomond.

The plan for today is to take the West Highland Way. Its total length is of 154.5 km but obviously we will only take a small part of it.

The paths run through hills, hide in forests ...

... and embrace the lochs.

It is really a nice and refreshing walk. It is possible to see there things that are not so common in our industrialised world. Like a huge field of fern.

Finally we arrive next to the village of Rowardennan. In the back you can see the peak of Ben Lomond.

Next to it we found a monument. Does its shape remind you of something?

For me it looks like Stargate from the famous movie and TV-series.

Well obviously this is not the Stargate (at least not officially ...). This is a War memorial, commemorating those who died in World War I and II.

Our boat is waiting alredy to take us back home.

I hope that you have enjoyed the time that we have spent together in Scotland. I really did. I only wish the weather was more predictable. The has sun started to shine just as we were leaving. But maybe it is just a sign that we need to come back one day?


  1. You have many nice photos on your blog :) I like photo with road in forest :)

  2. Jak tam pięknie! Zazdroszczę widoków!