Saturday, 1 November 2014

Eilean Donan

I will take you today to a very small Scottish island called Eilean Donan. It is located at the crossroad of three lochs: Loch Duich, Loch Long and Loch Alsh. The best "bird-eye" view is from Carr Brae, over a village called Dornie.

As we were walking down the hill, I noticed a sign reminding tourists of a very basic rule.

It is so basic that, believe it or not, even sheep respect it!

Now coming back to Eilean Donan. The reason why this island is so special is that it is not always an island. In fact it is a so-called tidal island, which means that it is an island when the tide is high and a peninsula when the tide is low.

In the old days men needed boats to access the castle located there, making it a fantastic fortress. Today we can use an arched bridge. It seems solid. 

Obviously the location alone does not make a castle. It needs high walls around it ...

... and a secured gateway.

The entry is being guarded by old cannons.

Obviously they are not in use anymore.

When I looked at the castle it stroke me that it has very few windows. It must have been dark and cold inside in the old days. 

Let's take a walk on the walls.

And yes, the view if great.

Today the castle is a private property. In the past it belonged to different Scottish families or clans as they call them. You can see it amoung others in this Roll of Honour of Clan Macrae.

All this time we spend in open air makes me hungry. I propose we have a local version of fish and chips. Easy to recognise at it is coming always with green peas.

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