Saturday, 6 September 2014

Copernicus Planetarium

I have complained some time ago that I never had time to visit the Copernicus science center. Recently I have received an e-mail from my cousin Ralph.

He has visited Warsaw during the summer break. We did not manage to meet since I was travelling so he took the time to visit the center himself. I hope you will enjoy this little tour. I still hope to see it myself soon.

He wrote me that he really liked the building and its colours. So do I.

The center is located next to the bank of the Vistula river.

If you would take the Świętokrzyski bridge ...

... you would come close to the National Stadium that we have visited together during EURO 2012.

Inside the Copernicus center there is a living robot. When it is angry its eyes turn red.

And when it is happy its eyes are shining and it waves its hand.

The main goal of Ralph's visit was the Planetarium.

I have no clue where this machine could take us. But I am sure Baron Munchausen would love it.

This is the entry to the dome theater.

It is called dome theater because the planetarium is hidden under a dome.

The films are projected from a round-shaped projector.

Unfortunately it is not allowed to take pictures during the movie. So all we can show you is a shot made available at the website of the Planetarium. Love my friends, all you need is love.

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