Saturday, 18 May 2013

ZOO in Prague

I know that you enjoyed just like me the trips we had to Prague. So today I will show you another glimpse of Prague - the ZOO. As already mentioned, I am not a huge fan of ZOOs. But I do understand why people are so eager to see all the wild animals with their own eyes. I assume then that you would like to have this opportunity as well.

Luckily the ZOO in Prague is located on a wide area. You can judge it by the place where the giraffes and the zebras live.

Let's come a bit closer.

Do you see some animals on the hill?

These are Himalayan tahrs. I wonder if they miss a lot their homeland in Nepal. They are also probably quite warm in this climate. Difficult to judge however just by looking at his face.

The big cats have a special building. This one seems to be quite small though. At first, I was bit a scared by this shadow above the main entrance. Luckily I quickly realised that it is just a statue.

The real tiger lives here. His name is Kawi and he comes from Borneo island in Indonesia.

Actually, the ZOO in Prague has a whole district devoted to Indonesian rain forests.

It is really warm there and the humidity level is very high.

The ZOO is also the house to some birds. The pink flamingos live in the wild ...

.... but the penguins require a little fridge. These ones are called Humboldt Penguins and come from South America (Chile and Peru).

One amazing story about Humboldt Penguins is that in 2012, one of those living in Tokyo Sea Life Park escaped from his prison and enjoyed freedom in the Tokyo Bay. He finally got captured by the zoo keepers (after almost 3 months!) but whenever I think of this story I always recall of these guys.

Last but not least, it is time to pass my greetings to the family. This little statue recalls me of my mum. She keeps on telling me I should visit her more often. Maybe I will take a break somewhere around Christmas, I do miss her. But what can I do, so many people expect my visit now. Travelling is a hard job.

Przewalski's horses are amoung those few of us who remain wild. Actually, at a certain period of time they became completely extinct in the wild but then got reintroduced into their original homeland of Mongolia. So in the end ZOOs have some good aspect as well.

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  1. Widzę, że Rysiek odwiedził swoich kolegów :) Szkoda tylko, że oni nie mają takich podróżniczych porzygód