Saturday, 11 May 2013

A weekend in the countryside

It is official - the spring has arrived! I was so much looking towards it. You can see it even in the city center but to really smell it you have to go to the countryside. I will show you today some typical images from the Polish countryside. Nothing spectacular. Just me and the springtime. Enjoy!

I went to ask the different farm animals about their views on this nice change. The hens and roosters were delighted that they no longer need to stay inside.

The pigs told me they truely enjoy the fresh air. They did not seem however eager to take a longer walk. I guess I would be less willing to run here and there if I would weigh that much.

The wood can now spend its time in the sun as well.

And finally a very special building on the other side of the yard. The stable.

Let me present you my cousin. This is his farm and it is thanks to him that we can have this wonderful time in the countryside. High five George!

And finally the lunchtime. Oat is for sure the best thing on Earth ...

What? You do not like oat? Really? Well, what can I say. It only means there will be more left for me.

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