Saturday, 4 May 2013

Empire State of Mind

There are many songs about New York, starting with the evergreen by Sinatra. But for the last couple of years my favourite is the one by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys.

To celebrate it, I decided to devote a separate post to my visit in the Empire State Buidling. It has 102 storeys and from its completion in 1931 it was for 40 years the tallest building in the world.

It is not easy to catch it in full from the outside but luckily inside there is a nice relief that shows the building. Looking at all this gold I could not help thinking that the architect was not the most modest guy in the world.

On top of the building there is an observation deck. You can see from there the entire Lower Manhattan.

Here you can see a bit closer the Chrysler Building. You could say it is "the second best" - it was the tallest in the world for 11 months, until the Empire State Building was completed.

And here comes the Williamsburg bridge (connecting Manhattan to Brooklyn) and the East Village.

When leaving the Empire State Building I turned my back again to see its height.

It is when I felt a hand on my shoulder. To my surprise, I saw an officer of the New York Police Department. Apparently, horses are not allowed to circulate in this part of the city! Luckily, my personal charm quickly allowed us to become friends.

He even agreed to drive me back to the airport. Very nice of him.

* * *

I really enjoyed this trip to New York. I hope to see more of USA one day. Now it is time to move on to new adventures.

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