Saturday, 1 July 2017


Marksburg is an very old castle on the shores of river Rhine. It was built in the twelfth century and since then it was always inhabited. Together with other castles, historic towns and vineyards stretching over sixty-five kilometers, it is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site called Upper Middle Rhine Valley.

Today, the castle is a museum but it is also the house of the president of the German Association of Castles, who manages the Marksburg castle. Let's walk inside.

 Just next to the main entry you can admire the coats of arms of the previous (and current) owners.

The walls of the castle are high and thick.

The castle is also equipped with heavy cannons.

But the best protection of the Marksburg castle is its location on a high hill next to the river Rhine.

Inside the castle we can get a feeling of what life looked like in the Middle Ages. Here comes the bedroom ...

... and the living room. On the table you have surely spotted a game of chess.

Of course the life in a castle would not be smooth without an army of hard working people, located in the kitchen ...

... and in the workshops.

In the cellars of the castle you will find lots of good wine.

But instead of tasting it, I propose that we climb up the tower.

On the terrace we can discover a very special garden. It is filled with herbs and medical plants that were planted according to a herbary book written by Charlemagne himself.

They do not look impressive to be honest but think they are a reflection of a wisdom lasting for twelve hundred years.

But the most important reason why I have taken you to the terrace of the tower is the view. This view. I can easily imagine that the lords of the Marksburg castle must have felt as the kings of the world sometimes.

I hope that you have enjoyed this visit to the Marksburg castle. It would not be complete if I could not show you the castle in its full splendour, that is from bird's eye view. It is not easy to achieve without a helicopter. Or a postcard.

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  1. piękny zamek, ale przede wszystkim przepiękna panorama rozpościerająca się z niego.