Saturday, 15 July 2017


The sun is shining, the soft breeze comes caressing your forehead. This is summer time at its top. No better place to enjoy it than the shores of Geneva Lake in the beautiful city of Lausanne.

Since Switzerland has a great railway network, we can arrive to Lausanne by train. The train station is lovely here.

But I propose that instead we take the boat to arrive directly to the port of Ouchy.

Actually, Ouchy is not a big haven. It is more a marina.

 Let's take a walk next to the lake. The area is filled with lots of sculptures of different sizes ...

... shapes ....

... and numbers.

If the sun starts shining too bright, there is also a small park where we can look for some shadow.

The park is decorated with flower carpets.

And fountains. This one is to commemorate the workers who were unloading goods from barges. I first thought these were three horses. But after a second look, I have realised these are actually donkeys!

I propose that we book now a room in one of the fancy hotels by the lake. The Beau Rivage Palace (owned by the superrich Swiss Sandoz family, founders of Sandoz AG, now Novartis) ...
 ... or the Château d'Ouchy which was constructed to be the residence of a bishop.

From here, we can admire the other side of the lake. I do not know if you realise but over there, it is already France!

Look, here comes the Tourist Information. Let's go inside and check if there is something more to see here.

Alright, they told me about the biggest attraction in town. But it is getting late so we will go there next time. Now we'd better go back to the lake do admire the sun falling slowly asleep.

But the shores of the lake do not sleep at all. Quite the opposite, they shine bright.

Or even better, they dance ...

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