Saturday, 19 November 2016

Transport Museum in Lucerne

I know, I know, many of you think probably that museums are boring. But today I will take you to a truly amazing museum, I am sure you will like it. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Transport Museum in Lucerne.

The main entrance is guarded by a snow groomer. He is called Peter.

The museum is divided in several sections. The first one is dedicated to railroad vehicles. You can see there various trains.

It is even possible to look inside a locomotive.

And go below to see the chassis.

I enjoyed in particular the possibility to discover how steam locomotives worked.

A fascinating adventure of pistons and pipes.

Railroad is of course not only about trains but also trams.

You can even sit inside and pretend to be a tram driver.

Did you know that first trams were actually horse-powered?

That was a tough job. So travellers were encouraged to weigh themselves before they jumped on.

The next section of the museum is devoted to road transport. Next to the entrance you can see a special bus. In the old days, when few people had cars,  inhabitants of remote Swiss villages had difficulties to shop for fresh groceries. The local retailer Migros has launched special shop-buses.

Inside you can see old cars ...

... and futuristic racing cars.

And some motorbikes on top!

On the central square you can test yourself what it feels like to expand the network of roads.

You can sit in a road roller ...

... or in a tipper truck.

The third section of the museum is devoted to sea transport. Inside you can see all types of vessels. Starting with fisherman boats.

Next to it comes an exploration vessel, called bathyscaphe.

It can go deep inside oceans. The pressure there is huge so to go out you would need a special scaphander.

Obviously ships are very large so the easiest to admire many types is by looking at models.

You can also get close to vital parts of ships, like a motor ...

... or a steering wheel. Captain Rick is on board - full speed ahead!

The last building is devoted, you surely guessed it, to travels made in the air.

Starting with paragliders ...

... and first airplanes.

Then come dirigibles (or airships).

It is possible to look inside an old-fashion passenger plane.

And compare some of the more modern models.

The flight attendants invite ...

... welcome and enjoy the business class experience.

I must say this interactive museum proved to be even better than I thought. Travelling is a great experience, no matter the means of transport.


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