Saturday, 5 November 2016


The city of Lucerne is the capital city of the canton of Lucerne (and yes, Swiss people are really thrifty with geographic names). Its old town is made of residential buildings, many of which are painted in bright colours. 

The nicest are located around the Sternenplatz, that exists since mid-thirteenth century. Its name means literally star-square and refers to a number of streets that meet there. It is further supported by the picture on the pavement.

Some of the painted facades imitate additional architectural elements like windows ...

... while others include only ornaments.

Lucerne lies on the shore of (yes, you guessed it right) Lake Lucerne, that we have seen from the top of Mount Pilatus. The old town is located on two banks of the river Reuss that leaves the Lake. On one bank you can see the Jesuit church, built in baroque style in the seventeenth century.

Just on the opposite side you will find the Town Hall.

The dome in the back is the Town Hall Tower.

But the city of Lucerne is mainly famous for its bridges. Or rather one special bridge. Let's return to the Reuss river and have a closer look at it.

Oh no! What are you doing?! Be careful! I did not mean THAT close!

* * *

Dear Readers, it is a disaster! Rick has just slipped of my hand and landed in the Reuss river, a few meters below the street level.

It seems like this is the last story on our blog, unless any of you is a professional (and fully equipped!) diver. Then please come to Lucerne as soon as possible. The water is really cold. 

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  1. Rick! Nie no, to się tak nie może skończyć...
    Wszyscy kuszą mnie Lucerną. Chciałabym się tam kiedyś wybrać. Nie chciałabym jednak skończyć jak Rick.
    Udało Ci się jakoś go wyciągnąć? :(