Saturday, 8 October 2016


Last week we have visited the Abbey of St Gallen with its famous library. We will stay a bit longer in the city to enjoy its location (and the nice weather). Let's leave the abbey and the old town by one of these nice narrow streets.

We will cross the river Steinach ...

... and after about ten or fifteen minutes we will arrive to the lower station of the Mühleggbahn.

 If you would have doubts in which city you are, it is enough to look on the walls.

 We will take the funicular to go up the hill.

On your right you can notice a nice waterfall. It shows a bit how steep this hill is.

The funicular runs most of its length in a tunnel. But I see some light at the end of it.

Next to the upper station I noticed a bakery shop. But what was even more interesting was that it seemed to have a parking space for broomsticks! It seems that some witches have faster ways of going up the hill.

I have spared you the walk up the hill because I wanted you to keep your strength. The goal of our trip is the Dreilinden weg, one of numerous hiking trails in canton St. Gallen. It runs on top of the hill, at your feet you can see the city of St. Gallen.

You will quickly notice the abbey.

I propose we stop here for a moment and use this nice device. 

It is a sort of telescope that will allow me to demonstrate to you that St. Gallen is actually lying on the banks of Lake Constance.

It is time we return to the upper station of the Mühleggbahn. Once again, the light emerges from the tunnel.

Let's jump in and move on to new adventures.

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  1. Wodospad oraz widoki z góry należą do moich faworytów, zdecydowanie :)