Saturday, 15 October 2016

China garden

The city of Zurich has many twin towns. One of them is Kunming in China. In 1993 the experts from the garden department of the city of Zurich have helped Kunming designing the city drinking water supply and drainage. The people of Kunming wanted of course to thank Zurich for this assistance but it proved not to be so easy. I am sure you all have an uncle or aunt who "has everything". Buying Christmas gifts for them is a nightmare. Now think of a gift to one of the richest cities in the world, that was never touched by war, where the quality of living is among best in the world and that literally has it all.

The people of Kunming thought hard and came with a marvellous idea of offering to Zurich a genuine Chinese garden. A place of peace, where the inhabitants will be able to isolate from the rush of the city. It is located on the shores of the Zurich lake and surrounded by a high fence.

If you would turn back, you would see the Zurich Lake and on the other side, Felsenegg where we have hiked last year.

The main entrance is not wheelchair or pushchair friendly unfortunately. But I guess it is part of the traditional Chinese design. The signs on the golden plate mean "Chinese garden".

Inside, you can find all types of reference to traditional Chinese culture, philosophy and craft. First, you can see an artificial mountain.

It faces an artificial lake in which you can find the royal red carps. The mountain and the water represent Yin and Yang, the contrary though complimentary forces of the nature.

To cross the lake we need to walk on the rocks. The water is not deep but still, mind your step.

In one of the corners of the garden you can find a pavilion, which seems ideal for meditation

I must admit however that when I have looked upwards, I have completely lost my focus, distracted by the colourful paintings on the ceiling.

In the middle of the garden you will notice a pavilion located on an artificial island. It is very picturesque.

Behind it, comes the water palace.

On both sides, it has a gallery facing the lake. Let's enter on the left side.

The ceiling and the columns are beautifully decorated. Both sides include benches for those who would like to enjoy the magic of the place.

Let's go inside.

You can admire there traditional Chinese pictures and furniture.

Some of the ornaments are amazing.

But the most amazing thing about the pavilion is the view. Let's turn back to the main entrance. I believe I would not get bored eating breakfast with such a view for many, many years.

I hope that you have enjoyed this glimpse of China in the middle of Europe. I must say that I was enchanted. Another amazing thing about the garden is that it is dedicated to the Three Friends of Winter - pine, bamboo and plum. They are evergreen which means that visitors can enjoy the beauty of the garden all year long.

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