Saturday, 31 October 2015

Jucker farm

Last week I have shown you the posh urban autumn. Today I will prove you that orange is the new black also in the country side. Let me welcome you to the Jucker Farm.

The Jucker Farm is located next to the Pfäffikon Lake, in the canton of Zurich.

The farm is run by two brothers (named Jucker of course) and it specialises in pumpkins.

You can see there all sorts of pumpkins. The classical orange ones.

Some that are still green ...

... and tiny red ones as well. This nice clown invites you to the "pumpkin circus".

You can see here a pumpkin tiger, jumping through a circle of burning orange.

Next to it another moment of horror, with flying knives.

Here come a magical rabbit in a hat. Reminds me of the one that we have seen in the Labyrinth of Light.

And look! That one looks just as my cousin Randy! Equestrian vaulting looks great but it is by far not a piece of cake, you can trust me on that.

Besides pumpkins, the Jucker Farm is also growing apples.

You have surely guessed that they do not grow them the easy way. Oh, no, this would be too simple. They grow them into a labyrinth.

I believe it is really a great idea - you can run through the lanes and smell the sweet apples around you.

So run my friends. See you on the other side!


  1. O rany! Jakie świetne miejsce! To coś dla mnie ;)

  2. uwielbiam ludzi, którzy z banalnych czynności, prac potrafią zrobić coś fajnego! pomniki z dyni i jabłkowy labirynt, kto by pomyślał!
    a te szare dynie... rozumiem, że są przemalowane?

    1. Nie drapaliśmy ale wyglądały na szarą odmianę ...

  3. Super miejsce ! Jestem ciekawa jak wygląda w Halloween ! Czy wycinają dyniom straszne miny :P
    Mi królik z kapelusza najbardziej przypadł do gustu :)